About 1BODy

Our Story:

The 1BODy Initiative represents a convergence of visions, organizations, and individuals. Catalyzed in support of Birth 2012 and reignited for the 2014 International Day of Peace, the intention of the 1BODy Initiative is to amplify a “Breadth Of Depth” (BODy), increasing collective heart resonance so we may function as a more coordinated whole, as one body. 1BODy is inclusive of all skilled practitioners of subtle activism and changemaker networks and organizations working for a more Peaceful, Sustainable and Resilient World. 


Integrated Visions:

The integrated visions include a global network of nodes that will have the capacity to:

  1. Practice and increase resonance as one global, regional, or local body
  2. Coordinate and synchronize unified actions and events
  3. Alert and respond with prayer/loving energy to disasters, violence, and medical crisis


New Systems:

The 1BODy Initiative is using the LightSTAR System to deliver its text and email synchronized meditation reminders .  

The LightSTAR System is a systematic tool used to deliver messages in support of disaster response, synchronized events, and/or unified actions. It consists of shared but decentralized practices, platforms, and protocols. It is currently being developed in partnership with the 1BODy Initiative.


Biomimicry, Fire & Emergency Services:

800px-Electrical_conduction_system_of_the_heart.svg.png         Fire_Services.png

The LightSTAR System uses a node delivery and redundancy system that mimics the human heart’s electrical system. It also includes redundancy, communication and scalability elements of the Emergency Services’ Incident Command System which is a system designed to support the command, control and communications of emergency responses and planned events.


Within the system there are “Nodes,” “Relays,” and “Receivers.”  

  • Nodes are a group of people either ‘functionally,’ ‘interest,’ or ‘geographically’ based (ie: Social Media Node or San Francisco Node).  
  • Relays are people who either initiate or relay a message to their Node’s Receivers.  Relays require basic training in the LightSTAR System.  
  • Receivers just need to complete an opt-in form to begin receiving messages.


What is the New Earth tone?  Why are we listening to it?

The New Earth tone was created for a post-2012 world and was intuited by a world esteemed sound healer, medical doctor and DNA researcher in response to the question “What tone best reflects the higher frequency Earth is transitioning into?”  Known for work with differentials in “resonance signatures” between healthy and diseased cells using molecular resonance technologies, his experience with acoustic resonance has inspired this tone, for this time.  Since sound can help amplify resonance, the New Earth tone is a source pattern that we can resonate with for a harmonically supported BODy of deep coherence and peace.

Many spiritual traditions speak of sound as a prime organizing force in the Universe.  Today, science is supporting that view.  The physicist Dr. Michio Kaku is quoted as saying, “Everything is music!”  Recent studies in cymatics (meaning, “waveform phenomena”) demonstrate that sound has the ability to organize form into matter by forming micro-sonic scaffolding that causes matter to coalesce or unite into a whole.  Dr. Stephen Halpern describes sound as a carrier wave of consciousness.  Jonathan Goldman uses the formula sound + intention = healing. 

We focus on the New Earth tone as individual cells capable of healing the planetary body.  It is our collective intention to build a coherent body of love powerful enough to assist a collective shift of consciousness that unlocks the power of the New Earth tone.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


What is the power of the Gaiafield Mandala?

The Gaiafield Lodestone depicts the many layers of the planetary field, from the Earth realms to the spiritual dimensions. Meditate on the Lodestone to attune to the planetary field.


The photo-collage logo image emerged from a collaborative visioning process amongst the Gaiafield Council. It’s called the Gaiafield Lodestone because it magnetizes attention to our collective work supporting the Gaiafield—Earth and the living energetic fields that permeate and surround her.


To begin the process, each member of the Council shared key words, colors, shapes, and symbols that he or she wanted to see embodied in this lodestone image. These individual responses yielded a number of coherent themes and gave us a starting point for a deep attunement/visualization session on 9/30/11. Together, we saw the Earth and Sun in the middle as a core 2, surrounded by 5 concentric rings representing the domains of allies that support the Gaiafield Project. These five rings would also allude to the 5 elements of alchemy without picturing those elements explicitly.


Every element you see in this image is real; composed of photographs that the artists, Bell & Todd, re-arrange using sacred geometry. Most of the photographs were taken by the artists. The space photographs are used courtesy of NASA (Hubble Space Telescope/STScl). The Earth in the center is a meld of both the Eastern and Western hemispheres. The pointed circle around it is made from a photo of a solar flare. The 36 points also depict the gathering of the human beings who commune together in the Gaiafield. Around the solar disc is an 8 sided circle made from blue sky with clouds. All the additional rings are constructed using the geometry of 8.


Around the blue sky ring is a circle made from amethyst crystal. This layer holds the energy of the mineral allies. We chose amethyst both for its rich color and for its alignment to the higher centers of the body. Around the amethyst circle is a ring made the leaves of a tropical plant called Sanchezia. Its bright patterning conveys the energy and support of the plant allies on Earth. Following this is a ring made from the vividly colored feathers of several birds. Through this layer, we connect with the myriad creatures who are our allies and co-habitants of our world.


The next ring out is made from the orange and turquoise gas clouds of the Crab Nebula, signifying the cosmic energies and allies of the Gaiafield work. Beyond that is a ring made from the most distant photos taken by the space telescopes, called the Ultra Deep field. What appear to be stars in that layer are actually galaxies. This ring depicts the great mystery that permeates all and also brings the light from the most distant past into our collective work.


Around the many-ringed central medallion is a midday sky showing a corona around the sun. This softly glowing ring helps us connect with the numinous Gaiafield itself, barely seen, but present as a radiant field that radiates from local space out into the unseen realms. The outer border of glowing gold, ruby and violet light is a wide-spectrum image of the core of our Milky Way galaxy.


We hope that contemplating this image will illumine your connection with the Gaiafield and support you in your work. If you would like to buy a laminated Lodestone Meditation Card to amplify your experience of attuning to the Gaiafield, click HERE.  Gaiafield Lodestone image © 2011 Bonnie Bell and David Todd, www.bellandtodd.com


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    Ahh, as the email reminder arrived tonight, I was surprised to realize I greeted it with resentment, showing me I have not yet done enough in working with my heavy emotions post election. Thx for continuing this focus thru inauguration, valuable on many levels…..peace, M
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    I have a favorite saying, “All One Love, ALL”. To me it means that we all feel this love, it is the same for all of us, and when we unite in this love, we together are much stronger than all the parts. I know that this love can change our world. We are One.